Melbourne Business School News Data scientists taste the future at quantum computing bootcamp

Data scientists taste the future at quantum computing bootcamp

Some of Melbourne’s sharpest minds recently experienced the potential of quantum computing to revolutionise our economy and create a high-skilled jobs boom in the aerospace, defence, finance, insurance, security and other industries.

quantum computing

Supported by our School’s Centre for Business Analytics, the QxBranch Quantum Computing Bootcamp gave local data scientists and software developers, including MBS Master of Business Analytics students and alumni, a chance to test their skills with the cutting-edge technology.

“Quantum computing will transform the way that we approach challenging data problems, with applications in optimisation, machine learning and chemistry,” said Michael Brett, the chief executive officer of US company QxBranch, whose main quantum computing R&D and engineering team is based in Adelaide.

“Our quantum computing development environment is already deployed into enterprises, enabling them to explore and validate applications of quantum computing ahead of hardware being available. The businesses that are well-prepared for the arrival of quantum computing will be best placed to exploit once-in-a-generation business opportunities,” Brett said.

“If we’re to realise the real-world benefits of this technology, we need to equip data scientists with the tools and knowhow to create innovative solutions to hard computational problems.”

Mark Alexander, Executive Director of the Centre for Business Analytics said, “Exposing our students and alumni to quantum computing ensures they are at the pinnacle of data science developments and emerging technology.”

More than 20 participants gathered at Melbourne Business School on 14 October for the QxBranch Bootcamp.

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