Health and Sciences

Build the skills to create healthier communities.

Health and science professionals worldwide are being challenged to quickly adapt to significant foundational shifts to the industry coupled with the real threat of COVID-19.

Health and science professionals worldwide are being challenged to quickly adapt to significant foundational shifts to the industry coupled with the real threat of COVID-19.

The advancement of digital solutions, the rise in private and public collaboration and the need to analyse and leverage data through research requires organisations and their leaders to be equipped to focus on various challenges.

Melbourne Business School partners with health and science organisations to elevate their people's capabilities through customised in-person or online learning solutions to ensure they are able succeed in a changing environment.

Key Benefits

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Leadership & Strategy

Develop leadership to respond and navigate industry challenges, as well as thrive in this new world.
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Resilient Workforce

Build confident and resilient teams who thrive with change and succeed in the new health ecosystem.
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Collaboration and Partnership

Leverage private and public partnerships, improve connectivity with the ecosystem, and utilise new sources of data whilst maintaining consumer and community trust.

Key Outcomes 

Working closely with clients, our learning solutions team will ensure your people will be equipped to meet current and future organisational challenges.

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Enhanced Leadership & Wellbeing

Developing organisational leadership talent to leverage strategy design and execution will deliver a holistic client health experience.
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Confidence & Resilience

Providing your teams with new tools and skills will confidently drive overall operational efficiency and ensure operational strategic alignment.
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Collaboration & Partnerships

Leveraging platforms, networks, people and data together will enhance the experience and well-being of your customers and the community.

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Rainer Vogel - Senior Business Development Manager

"The pathways for health and science professionals are difficult at times, which is why we customise our learning solutions to meet specific needs.”

The Power of Partnerships

Forging partnerships that address unique challenges is the key to delivering benefits for organisations and their people.

Melbourne Business School offers an immense breadth of knowledge, skills and experience from across the University of Melbourne, the Centre for Business Analytics, the Centre for Sustainability and Business and the Centre for Indigenous Business Leadership to give your organisation access to the right knowledge to solve its challenges.

Some of Our Clients

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Case Study

Royal Melbourne Hospital

Royal Melbourne Hospital

One of the Royal Melbourne Hospital’s most difficult tasks is to create a culture of collaboration and organisational awareness among its leaders, who come from a wide range of specialist areas.

Several years ago, the hospital recognised the need to bring leaders together from across the organisation to network, learn from each other and solve problems collectively – and it approached Melbourne Business School to help create a program to do exactly that.

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Our Learning Solutions

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Partner with us to co-design a learning program to develop people's performance and capabilities in leadership, strategy, change, management, finance and more.

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Upskill your people in-person or online with a short course, designed to develop the capabilities of leaders or teams looking to advance their careers and organisation.

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Improve team and leadership performance with a dedicated coach to awaken latent talent, develop skills and fill gaps in communication, strategy or other areas.

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Empower your people for the future of work with Melbourne Business School. Co-create an academy experience that builds critical skills for the future, aligns with your organisational strategy and is unique to your people and culture.