Melbourne Business School Short Courses Executive Presence and Storytelling

Executive Presence and Storytelling

Unlock the art of executive presence and harness the power of compelling communication with this interactive short course designed for aspiring leaders.

2 days

Executive Presence and Storytelling Overview

Exceptional leaders - who can effortlessly command a room - often appear as if they possess an innate gift. However, embodying executive presence and telling inspiring stories are two skillsets that can be learned.

Exceptional leaders - who can effortlessly command a room - often appear as if they possess an innate gift. However, embodying executive presence and telling inspiring stories are two skillsets that can be learned.

Our two-day Executive Presence and Storytelling short course at Melbourne Business School uses experiential learning techniques to bolster your confidence in becoming a compelling communicator, influential leader, and effective storyteller.

Whether you’re delivering a presentation, leading a team meeting, or engaging in one-on-one discussions, this program will give you the tools and confidence to communicate with greater conviction, craft compelling narratives and connect with your stakeholders more authentically.

Who Should Attend Executive Presence and Storytelling?


The program has been designed for professionals ranging from mid to senior-level executives. Our course content and experiential learning techniques make this program relevant to anyone looking to stand out and excel in their career.

Executive Presence and Storytelling Key Takeaways

Develop a Strong Executive Presence

  • Learn how to use body language and vocal tone to project confidence and credibility.

Build Authentic Connections

  • Discover how genuine communication and active listening deepens connections
  • Engage in practical exercises and receive constructive feedback
  • Develop strategies to overcome nervousness, allowing you to speak confidently and eloquently even in high-pressure situations.

Craft Compelling Narratives

  • Utilise the fundamentals of storytelling to engage and inspire
  • Discover how to incorporate personal anecdotes to create relatable and memorable stories
  • Hear ways to adapt your communication style for different audiences
  • Craft a succinct elevator pitch that captures attention and interest.

Executive Presence and Storytelling Topics Covered

The program follows an intensive format over two days, with a different subject area covered each day. These sessions have been designed to help participants:

Executive Presence icon

Develop a Strong Executive Presence

Communication Styles icon

Adapt Communication Styles

Narrative icon

Craft Compelling Narratives and Utilise Visual Aids

Connections icon

Build Authentic Connections and Receive Constructive Feedback

Elevator Pitch icon

Develop an Elevator Pitch and Manage Nervousness

Manage Nervousness icon

Manage Nervousness

Visual Aids icon

Utilise Visual Aids

Constructive Feedback icon

Receive Constructive Feedback

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Executive Presence and Storytelling Key Facilitator

Emma Palmer is a seasoned facilitator with over 16 years of experience in professional development training. Her multifaceted background includes training as a NIDA actor and presenter in Australian theatre, film, and television. This rich experience from the world of television and stage allows Emma to offer participants a unique perspective on commanding attention, mastering body language, and refining voice modulation, all of which are essential elements in achieving a commanding professional presence.

Unlock the power of presence and storytelling to leave a lasting impact on your professional journey. It's not just about being visible; it's about being memorable and commanding respect. Our program combines these vital skills to transform your career and take your leadership to the next level.

Key facilitator

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