Melbourne Business School News How the part-time MBA helped Aaron make an unexpected career switch

How the part-time MBA helped Aaron make an unexpected career switch

Working as a Regional Manager at the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport, Aaron Yeak (MBA 2014) moved interstate and enrolled in the MBA, thinking it was a great opportunity to grow within the sports industry.

aaron yeak

After choosing to study at MBS based on the school’s local and international reputation in the business world and the quality of Faculty, Aaron quickly discovered that the Part-time MBA allowed him to apply his classroom learnings immediately into his job, “In many instances I was able to apply my learnings from MBS the very next day! It has been exciting to try new approaches immediately in the real world.” Equally, Aaron was able to take his career experience into the classroom and also learn from the experiences of his classmates, “The quality of candidates and consequently my network was also a critical factor in choosing MBS. A real strength of the program was the huge network of colleagues and life-long friends I have made.”

The MBA enabled Aaron to experience multiple fields and “speak the language” of disciplines such as finance, accounting, marketing and strategy. It was also the non-traditional business subjects that stand out to Aaron upon reflection, “A real highlight was taking on non-stereotypical subjects such as social enterprise, business in China, brand management and organisational change.”

Aaron began to think that a career change might be possible after experiencing these new subjects and interacting with classmates from very diverse backgrounds, It was through my interactions and career support that I began to consider a multitude of potential career moves that were additional to the sports industry.” Aaron was then introduced to an alumnus of the school Alum by his Strategy lecturer Professor Geoff Lewis. It was this introduction that eventually led to Aaron making the career transition from the sports industry to management consulting, “Fast forward to today and I am a Management Consultant with the Litmus Group, helping organisations drive value through their strategy execution.”

During his time at MBS, Aaron sought out help from the Career Management Team, who helped him explore various ideas and opportunities. He also attended career workshops and activities run by clubs such as the Consulting Club. All of this, combined with his experiences in the classroom, opened up doors for Aaron that were most unexpected, “My time at MBS allowed me to grow as a person and ultimately make a career switch between two seemingly dissimilar industries. It has also given me the confidence and tools to keep progressing my career for years to come.”

So what advice does Aaron have for anyone starting their MBA? “Keep an open mind, try new and challenging subjects, talk to others around Melbourne Business School. Enjoy the insight that people from different industries, roles, cultural backgrounds and experiences can bring. Reach out to lecturers for their experience as well as that of alumni. The careers team are very active and supportive. Take it all in and relish the journey and the opportunity it brings!”

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