Melbourne Business School News How Linzie is fast-tracking her career with a Part-time MBA

How Linzie is fast-tracking her career with a Part-time MBA

A young applicant at 27, there was one very clear goal in mind when Linzie Lee signed up for her Part-Time MBA at Melbourne Business School - to progress to the C-suite.

 To do so, there were two options: working long and hard for in-role experience, or a formal qualification to fast-track her ambition. She chose a Part-time MBA.

High value network

linzie lee

The eponymous network was a strong driving factor when choosing a business school for Linzie. Having worked with Melbourne Business School alumni previously, she knew the high calibre of people that she would be learning with.

“The board members at Melbourne Business School are also active in industry - and have good links into businesses,” explains Linzie. “This means that course content and case studies are interesting and current. It also encourages exploration of a wide range of career options as students progress.”

Everyday learning and application

Having started out as a consultant in superannuation, Linzie intended to stay in that field as she progressed. However, a short time after starting her MBA she was headhunted in-to a business development role, then a month ago was headhunted again by a pharmaceutical company to head up strategy.

“It has changed my career path - my background was very different. Before the MBA, I never would have looked at strategy with issues around diversification and new markets.”

Linzie is clear that the learning associations, method and frameworks have furnished her with the right skills to approach business challenges in her recent roles.

Managing the pressure of working, studying and living

With a senior strategy role in a large organisation, a seat as student treasurer for the Student Representative Council and running her own personal training business on the side, the Part-Time MBA experience has been an extreme challenge in management of time for Linzie.

“I am very strict at blocking time out. You have to stick to it. Scheduling time for yourself is equally as important as study time.”

The Melbourne Business School network have been key to helping Linzie manage her time and ensure success as she studies. “It has surprised me how supportive people have been. The network has been amazing. A proactive, positive mindset will get you where you want to be.”

Advice for a new student

Returning to study can provide also provide opportunities outside the classroom.  “Get involved as much as possible. There are activities at the school from social clubs to groups which will support your career development. Just go for it, the relationships you will forge will be invaluable.”

This support carries through to the workplace. “Whenever I have a problem at work, I turn to my network. They are a highly valued source of ideas. The connections with different industries give you amazing insights.”

Over and above the academic rigour, the MBA has helped Linzie develop an ability to get the best out of people through ongoing feedback.  “I have uncovered an ability in coaching, leading and changing mindsets.”  All of which stands her in good stead for her C-suite aspirations.