David joins the world class with a Part-time MBA

After almost a decade working at one of Australia’s big banks, moving through different roles and departments, David Waldron recognised he needed a broader skillset.
Now he’s studying his Part-time MBA at Melbourne Business School.

“One of the reasons I wanted to study my MBA at Melbourne Business School was to round out my skillset,” David said.

Rounding out his skillset meant diversifying into different areas including accounting, marketing and human resources after a building up his technical abilities after studying mathematics, statistics and engineering at University of Melbourne and later entering into ANZ’s graduate program in 2007.

He said the flexible nature of Melbourne Business School’s MBA suited his life and career at ANZ, where he has been in several different roles namely as a business analyst and is now in technology leadership and development area where he manages a team of designers.

“I needed the ability to either scale up or scale down classes, and Melbourne Business School is very accommodating for that,” he said.

David said another advantage of studying the Part-time MBA was that he could apply what he learned instantly in his workplace.

“It’s about taking little bits of everything I’m learning and applying them in my role,” David said.

“I’m also able to articulate different ideas to different people in a room and build up that influence.”

Instant application coupled with ‘real-world’ experiences make the MBA invaluable according to David.

“Having the network and the ability to see different ideas and how it’s applied in companies across Victoria at the same time you’re learning the concepts from professors in the field really allows you to see how it’s applied in the real world,” he said.

David is now expanding his horizons beyond Victoria to Barcelona, spending the first three months of 2017 at IESE Business School,  nine subjects that will be credited towards his MBA.

By the time he returns from Barcelona, David expects his Spanish will be improved but before he departed he said he could “order a beer, maybe two, and say hello” in the language.

“I’m looking forward to seeing some different ideas and how that applies to different geographies,” David said.

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