Melbourne Business School News Our UN PRME sustainability report receives excellence award

Our UN PRME sustainability report receives excellence award

Melbourne Business School and the University of Melbourne have been recognised for their Principles for Responsible Management in Education progress report.

MBS receives PRME award for sustainability reporting

The Principles for Responsible Management in Education (PRME) is a United Nations initiative created to help business schools and universities embed the UN's Sustainable Development Goals across their curriculum, research, activities and engagement.

Melbourne Business School joined the initiative in 2019 as a co-signatory with the Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE), to demonstrate a commitment to embedding sustainability principles in their operations.

This month, they were awarded a Recognition for Excellence in Reporting award for their Sharing Information on Progress (SIP) Report, alongside Worcester Business School and LUT University.

One of 168 reports submitted globally, the report highlighted work across several aspects of social sustainability including initiatives addressing the energy transition, a National Indigenous Business Summer School and the work being undertaken to embed sustainability into our coursework curriculum.

Mr Andrew Shortridge, Senior Manager of Accreditation who led its production, said the report is important for outlining the School and FBE's commitment to the UN’s sustainability goals, as joint signatories to PRME.

“It is rewarding to know others are able to learn about our aspirations and activities through a report that communicates complex data and gives transparency, while being easy to navigate and read,” he said.

“The report takes account of teaching, research, partnerships and engagement at FBE and the School, as well as strategy and operations, all through the lens of sustainability.”

Professor Jenny George, Dean of Melbourne Business School, said PRME helped ensure the School continued to advance in these areas.

“It is becoming increasingly apparent that business has an instrumental role to play when it comes to solving these global challenges,” she said. 

“As educators in this field, it is therefore critical that we are not only committed to these principles, but we are transparent about our progress both within our own community and the broader PRME network.”

Professor Paul Kofman, Dean of FBE, echoed these sentiments.

“As signatories to PRME, it is important our faculty communicates our research, projects and teaching initiatives that contribute to the UN’s sustainable development goals to the wider community.

“This cannot be done without clear and concise reporting.”

This was the second award the School and Faculty have received, having also received an Excellence in Reporting award for their inaugural report in 2022.

To learn more about PRME, visit the Principles for Responsible Management Education website.

The PRME Sharing Information on Progress Report from the Faculty of Business and Economics and Melbourne Business School can be viewed online here.

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