Melbourne Business School News Melbourne Business School launches Full-time Master of Analytics Management

Melbourne Business School launches Full-time Master of Analytics Management

EY technology advisory partner Jeffery Eberwein plans to be one of the first students in Melbourne Business School's new Full-time Master of Analytics Management degree.

EY Partner Jeffery Eberwein

"With the proliferation of data for decision-making, I think all professionals need to be aware of the trends in data that are happening around them," says Jeffery, who works on EY’s digital and technology offerings including strategy, business process optimisation, risk and operating model design.

The first of its kind in Australia, the Full-time Master of Analytics Management has been designed for mid-to-senior professionals, managers and business leaders who need the skills to leverage data strategically.

The 18-month, part-time program launching in January 2019 will help students learn how to work with analysts to extract value from data and thrive in organisations where data are part of everyday decision-making. 

Professor Ujwal Kayande, Associate Dean (Academic) of Melbourne Business School and Director of its Centre for Business Analytics, says the program will put experienced professionals at the forefront of changes in the way organisations operate.

"Data are present in every department of every company in every industry, and the amount of information with which people are faced is increasing every day," he says.

"The Master of Analytics Management is designed with the challenges of tomorrow in mind. It is future-focused and will enable managers to make sure they are prepared for the changing way we do business."

For Jeffery, the decision to upskill in the area of data analytics is an obvious choice that will benefit his own employer as well as its clients.

"As an advisory partner, I'm in the market working in insurance, financial services and the public sector to advise my clients and customers as to the trends happening around analytics for decision-making, which is why I need to understand it myself," he says.

"The way that organisations today are competing and the field they compete on is changing dramatically. Most of these changes are related to how we use information and the ability to make better decisions around data.

"It's such a rapidly evolving discipline within the data sciences and I personally don't see how professionals like myself can stay on top of things without re-tooling through a program such as the Master of Analytics Management. That's why it's important to me and by extension my organisation as we serve clients." 

The Master of Analytics Management program includes subjects in marketing analytics, financial analytics and supply chain analytics, as well as optimisation and quantitative decision-making.

It also features core business modules such as operations, financial accounting and managerial economics, some of which may be available for advanced standing to students with a recent MBA degree.

The program will be taught by expert faculty members from across Melbourne Business School and the University of Melbourne's Faculty of Business and Economics.

For more information, visit the Full-time Master of Analytics Management page.