Melbourne Business School News Meet the members of our new Learning Innovation team

Meet the members of our new Learning Innovation team

Melbourne Business School has launched a new team to create inclusive and innovative online learning experiences.

The team's focus will be on digital-first learning experiences and emerging higher education products such as online courses, career accelerators and boot camps.

"We set up Learning Innovation at Melbourne Business School to ensure we are at the vanguard of innovation in learning and development," says Dean, Internal Caron Beaton-Wells.

"To ensure that innovation is at the core of who we are and what we do and how we do it."

The new team will be led by Dr Nora Koslowski, who was appointed Melbourne Business School’s inaugural Chief Learning Innovation Officer earlier this year.

"We will be creating a whole suite of online products all the way from online short courses to online custom client solutions to online degrees," Dr Koslowski says. "And new products that are emerging in the higher-education space, like career accelerators and boot camps.

"It's about choice, it's about flexibility, it's about structuring education around the student, not around the education institution."

That approach could include partnering with edtech start-ups and "really thinking about education delivery differently", Dr Koslowski says.

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The Learning Innovation team is exploring potential partnerships and recruiting for key roles. To start a conversation, speak with Dr Nora Koslowski directly.


Other leaders of the Learning Innovation team include Ellen Sullivan, Director, Learning Innovation Lab; Warren Kennard, Director, MBS Online; and Dr Damir Mitrić, Director, Learning Transformation.

Mr Kennard says the new team will design, build and deliver educational products and services demanded by the market – "those that advance your career and amplify your impact and give you the confidence to achieve your ambitions".

"This is an incredibly exciting time for us. Most of the people I'm working with have been involved in the sector for a very long time. But we are looking at it from an incredibly fresh lens," he says.

In her role, Ms Sullivan is looking forward to working more closely with industry, including businesses, start-ups, edtech communities and other organisations.


It's about choice, it's about flexibility, it's about structuring education around the student.



"This gives us an ability to see both worlds. And someone joining this team can experiment in both worlds and be empowered to do so," she says.

Dr Mitrić is inspired by the "democratisation of learning" and says the initiative will lead to greater accessibility for people across Australia and abroad.

"Education belongs to everybody," he says. "What dictates your access to education is not where you come from but rather what your potential is and your willingness to achieve and your willingness to thrive." 

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