Melbourne Business School News We're partnering with Bain & Company to deepen its sustainability leadership

We're partnering with Bain & Company to deepen its sustainability leadership

One of the world's top consulting firms has partnered with Melbourne Business School to launch the next phase of its global sustainability imperative.

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In the largest move of its kind within the top-tier management consulting sector, Bain & Company has partnered with universities including MIT, Imperial College London and HEC Paris to deliver a post-graduate level ESG training program to all its consultants worldwide.

In Australia, Bain & Company has chosen the Centre for Sustainability and Business at Melbourne Business School to deliver the initiative.

Three hundred of Bain's consultants will undertake the ESG program in Australia, with the first cohort already underway.

The upskilling initiative is a key element of Bain's continuing, intense focus on supporting sustainable transitions to drive positive impact for all its clients. 

"Reaching net zero on a global scale requires a tremendous investment in ESG skills," said François Faelli, Global Managing Partner for ESG at Bain & Company.

"The next generation of business leaders must intuitively understand how to balance financial and non-financial objectives. I am proud to say that we will very shortly have succeeded in delivering this training for thousands of our advisors who will help steer our clients towards a more sustainable future."

Flow on effects 

Professor Glenn Hoetker, Director of the Centre for Sustainability and Business, said the initiative would have widespread positive ramifications for the environment, as well as Bain and its clients. 

"As a community, we will not be able to achieve a sustainable world without the cooperation of businesses," Professor Hoetker said.

"On the flipside, businesses who fail to incorporate sustainability into their strategic decision making forego revenue, incur unnecessary costs, expose their firms to avoidable risks and fall short on their purpose.

"Bain & Company is one of the top management consultant firms and works with many major Australian organisations.

"To have Bain's consultants upskilled and educated in issues on climate change and other urgent sustainability issues will have a flow-on effect into the larger business community as they integrate ESG into their client work."

Dr Gary Veale, Executive Director of the Centre for Sustainability and Business, said the centre was proud to be partnering with Bain on the initiative.

"The fact we have been chosen as Bain's Australian partner is indicative of the Centre for Sustainability and Business's reputation to deliver impactful sustainability education and assist leaders in navigating the shift in paradigm, mindset and practice that is required if we are to secure a sustainable future," Dr Veale said.

"The imperative to act on climate change and other sustainability issues is well understood, but organisations face a capability gap when it comes to putting it into practice.

"At the Centre for Sustainability and Business, we want to help organisations bridge that gap through custom educational solutions. Bain & Company has understood that mission."

As part of the global initiative, 12 universities around the world will provide training to consultants in all of Bain's 65 offices in 40 countries.

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