Melbourne Business School News Podcast: How mindfulness can help fight burnout while working from home

Podcast: How mindfulness can help fight burnout while working from home

Working remotely during COVID-19 has led to record levels of stress and burnout, but embracing the principles of mindfulness could help.

In the latest episode of the Melbourne Business School Podcast, Professorial Fellow Amanda Sinclair explains why stress levels increase when people are working from home, and offers practical advice for professionals and managers on how to embrace the principles of mindfulness.

"There's some fascinating research around the causes of stress, and one of the most powerful pieces of research evidence is that it's not actually what happens to us that determines our stress levels, but how we think about what happens to us," Professor Sinclair says.

"That's why mindfulness is such a useful tool in this space. It really does help us to step back from our habits of thinking and have a look at that, as well as what's going on with us."

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Professor Sinclair is a leadership, gender and diversity expert, and the author of Leading Mindfully and Doing Leadership Differently. She teaches on our MBA programs as well as our Women in Leadership Program and Women in Senior Leadership Program. Visit her faculty profile to find out more.

Yasmin Rupesinghe is a Program Manager on our Executive MBA and Senior Executive MBA programs, and a radio presenter on PBS FM.

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