Melbourne Business School News MBS boosting the skills of Australian sports coaches

MBS boosting the skills of Australian sports coaches

Great sporting coaches don’t just happen – but they are essential to helping athletes achieve their best.

Supporting Australia’s sporting coaches and leaders to develop their skills has been at the forefront of a long-running partnership between Melbourne Business School Executive Education and the Australian Institute of Sports
In collaboration with the AIS, MBS developed the Performance Leaders, Performance Coach and Podium Coach Programs, delivered by a series of face-to-face residential labs delivered over 12 to 24 months.
The School also sponsors two categories at the prestigious AIS Sports Performance Awards, which were announced last week, to help further develop sporting leadership skills.
As part of the School’s sponsorship, 2015 Coach of the Year Award winner Michael Bohl and 2015 Leadership award winner Mark Anderson each received $10,000 to be used for development programs at MBS.
Associate Dean Executive Education Guy Saunders said the collaborative relationship with the AIS was focused on developing high performance sports leaders who could lead change and inspire others.
“Our aim is to support sports coaches and leaders who can lead effectively, responsibly and be innovative,” Mr Saunders said.
“We are very proud to be working with the AIS and to be offering our world-class programs to the winners of these awards.”
AIS Director Matt Favier said the AIS Sports Performance Awards showcased excellence across the sporting community, and reflected the commitment of both AIS and MBS to supporting leaders to achieve their best.
“Our partnership is an ideal fit that is supporting Australia’s high performance sports coaches and leaders to further develop their skills, giving our top athletes the edge they need to succeed,” Mr Favier said.

About the winners

Australian Sports Commission board member Mark Stockwell with Coach of the Year Michael Bohl


Michael Bohl, Coach, Australian Dolphins

Michael Bohl is at the helm of the Australian women’s swimming team and is also Head Coach with St Peters Western Swim Club (SPW) in Brisbane. In 2016 Bohl was awarded The Medal of the Order of Australia for services to swimming.


mark anderson
Australian Sports Commission board member Jenn Morris With Leadership Award winner Mark Anderson, Swimming Australia


Mark Anderson, Chief Executive, Swimming Australia

Mark Anderson was named Chief Executive of Swimming Australia in 2013 after a five year stint as CEO of Hockey Australia.  One of his key achievements has been introducing the Inclusive Swimming Framework to promote inclusivity and diversity in Australian pools.

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