Melbourne Business School News MBA key to career of achievement

MBA key to career of achievement

Purpose and passion are two words that could sum up the career of Melbourne Business School alumna Beverley Honig.

Undertaking an MBA sent Beverley in a new direction – one that has seen her achieve global success and influence with her business Honeylight Enterprises.

Now in its 20th year, one of the main functions of Honeylight Enterprises is to coach and develop businesses from around the world to improve practices and achieve business goals. 

Beverley’s expertise and business achievements were again recognized when she was named one of Westpac’s 100 Women of Influence in 2015 alongside trailblazers including Microsoft Australia Managing Director Pip Marlow, Australian Army Captain Jennifer Roberts and Carnival Australia CEO Ann Sherry.

Caption: Beverley speaking at an International Women’s Day event.

She said while she’s reluctant to give a “one size fits all” piece of advice for women in business Beverley talked of some essential qualities for aspiring leaders.

“Overall, I would say that being crystal clear on one’s purpose and overall goals, having the courage to trail blaze, and innovating in an area of your real passion, enables you to be a creative and innovative leader,” Beverley said.



A qualified lawyer, part time judge, author and former senior executive for many years at Coles Myer (while undertaking her part-time MBA), Beverley said a major turning point in her career was being invited to sit on a number of boards, which coincided with the rapid growth and success of her business.

Beverley believes that with success there comes a great responsibility to give back to society. This has drawn her to become involved with building affordable and social housing. She works in partnership with the Father Bob Foundation and established the company Greenville Developments, which creates custom made ecofriendly spaces – residential, retail and commercial use - from upcycled shipping containers for the global market.

When it comes to the issue of gender equality in the workplace, especially the corporate world, Beverley thinks the main challenges for women is in breaking the myth that increasing female leadership is a challenge only for women.

Once we all recognise this is a shared challenge, and come to terms with this, all else will be equal,” Beverley said.

“We can start realising the vast gamut of opportunities that are ready for the taking (and giving), and stop focusing on what can’t be done.”

Now Beverley has been entered in the 2016 Businesswomen’s Hall of Fame, and also shares her considerable expertise with MBS Masters students. She lectures to MBA and EMBA candidates in leadership and management related subjects, including Project Management and Disruption.