Melbourne Business School News Join our Sydney masterclass on why customers push back on marketing claims

Join our Sydney masterclass on why customers push back on marketing claims

Can a company be both big and nimble? Can a bank be large as well as personal? Possibly not.

Ujwal from MBS

There's enormous pressure for brands to differentiate in today's marketplace, but more and more customers are pushing back on claims that seem implausible.

"With so much commoditisation in markets, a brand needs to stand out from the pack," says Melbourne Business School Professor of Marketing Ujwal Kayande.

"But many marketers design products and ads without much consideration for how customers might view those products or claims, resulting in failed products and ad campaigns."

Professor Kayande will hold a masterclass on brand differentiation and implausible claims in Sydney on March 20 at The Customer Experience Company.

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The event will be hosted by Melbourne Business School alumni Jeni Oye and attendance is free of charge, with an RSVP.

Professor Kayande is also the Director of Melbourne Business School's Centre for Business Analytics, and Co-Director of the Oxford-Melbourne Digital Marketing and Analytics Program, a joint initiative of University of Oxford and Melbourne Business School.

"Customers often don’t adopt innovative products. Equally, they often don’t buy into creative advertisements that make the product being advertised stand out from competitors," he says.

"In this masterclass, participants will understand why customers give push back and what firms can do to facilitate customer adoption of innovations."

Event Details

What: The Implausible Dreams of Brand Differentiation
When: 5pm, Tuesday March 20, 2018
Where: The Customer Experience Company, Level 6, 7 Macquarie Place, Sydney, 2000
Tickets: Click here to RSVP for the event