Melbourne Business School News Its all in the bag for entrepreneur

Its all in the bag for entrepreneur

After years working in the international retail and fashion space as a product consultant, Nicole Dumond wanted to take her experience to the next level.

For Nicole, Melbourne Business Schools’ (MBS) longstanding networks and expertise in Asian markets were two of the key reasons she chose to embark on her MBA in 2010.
“Along with being an outstanding program with excellent professors, the focus on MBS preparing global future leaders was aligned with my future career goals,” Nicole said. 
A true global citizen who has worked in New York, Los Angeles and Melbourne, American-born Nicole now calls Shanghai home where she currently works as a consultant in product strategy and performance for Asia Retailer Shakers, and was previously a senior product manager for Adidas.
And she has recently launched her own business called Self-Made Bags inspired by her consulting partner Jerome Bourgois who wanted to find a smart briefcase to take to meetings.

“Unable to find a bag that was ‘boardroom worthy’ and also represented his style he eventually gave up,” Nicole said.
“After discussing his problem with other professionals, we discovered this to be a common problem.”  
Nicole’s research showed men wanted to express personal style that complemented professional and casual wardrobes.

“Men are using backpacks, messenger bags, or other bags that are dull and boring,” said Nicole.
“Self-Made Bags is the answer to fulfilling men's need for style, versatility and function, through innovative custom-made personalised leather bags with quality craftsmanship.”
Nicole said there was potential to expand the business to offer a women’s range of bags.

Critical to Nicole’s success was the MBA at Melbourne Business School which helped in many ways when launching her own fashion venture.

“The most important way is how I approach problems and also building a reliable international network,” Nicole said.

“When starting a business there are problems every day that need to be solved.

“Several of these issues I have never experienced before and the things I learned like attacking a problem with logic and gathering knowledge from my network have been invaluable as an entrepreneur.”
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