Melbourne Business School News Digital News Academy wins global Learning in Practice Award

Digital News Academy wins global Learning in Practice Award

Google Australia, News Corp and Melbourne Business School have been recognised for pioneering a new kind of professional development for journalists.

The Digital News Academy is a skills-based capability academy established by News Corp Australia with Google Australia and delivered by Melbourne Business School to equip working journalists with the digital skills needed to thrive in the modern era.

In Chicago last week it was awarded top honors in the prestigious 2022 Chief Learning Officer Learning in Practice Awards for Excellence in Academic Partnerships.

Digital News Academy director Sonja Heydeman said it was an incredible honor for the Academy to be recognised in its first year, which now counts among its ranks journalists from more than 25 news publishers, including many small regional and community outlets.

“This award highlights the Academy’s important work,” Ms Heydeman said.

“Recognition on the international stage is important because the challenges facing Australian journalists are much the same across the world.”

The awards, which have run since 2003, recognise education leaders from around the world who demonstrate excellence in the design and delivery of employee development programs, confirming the Digital News Academy is at the vanguard of helping create a sustainable future for journalism in Australia.

News Corp Australia executive and head of the Academy, Campbell Reid said: “I am thrilled that the Digital News Academy’s innovation and partnership has been recognised with this prestigious award so early in its life.

“I especially want to thank all the journalists who have thrown in their lot with us to learn the new skills that will power them into their profession’s next chapter.”

Google's Director, News Partnerships APAC, Kate Beddoe said: "The Digital News Academy shows what's possible when we partner with the news industry on mutual goals and is a fantastic example of innovation.

“This award is testament to the work of Melbourne Business School in developing this training program. We are proud to support this initiative, along with News Corp Australia, which will have a significant and positive impact on the Australian journalism industry.”

Speaking on behalf of Melbourne Business School, which has delivered the Academy’s world-leading curriculum, Ms Heydeman said she was delighted to be at the forefront of industry development, creating programs that translate to real impact.

“We love working with organisations striving for stronger, empowered industries,” Ms Heydeman said.

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