Melbourne Business School News Celebrating a decade of our Master of Business Analytics

Celebrating a decade of our Master of Business Analytics

As our world-famous analytics degree turns 10, we asked alumni to share how the program transformed their career – and their life.

MBS Master of Business Analytics 10 year celebration

Ten years ago, Melbourne Business School launched its Master of Business Analytics to empower a new generation of data-driven leaders through transformative education.

The new program was ranked #5 globally in the inaugural QS World University Rankings of business analytics degrees and has consistently been ranked among the world's best ever since.

Even more impressive are the achievements of alumni, who now hold senior data, strategy, analytics and AI roles at organisations including Microsoft, Canva, Bupa and L'Oreal Australia.

"The program has truly been a game-changer for many of our students, providing the essential tools, knowledge and networks needed to excel in the ever-evolving world of business analytics," says Professor Yalçın Akçay, Director of the Centre for Business Analytics.

"It is their achievements across various industries which showcase not only the calibre of the education, but also the values that sit at the heart of our program."

Alumni at MBS MBusA

Hani Fayad is one such alum. Upon graduating in 2020, Hani used his Master of Business Analytics to help pivot from a career in chemical engineering to Senior Data Scientist at Canva, one of Australia's most successful tech companies.

"I wouldn't have the career that I have today if it weren't for this degree," Hani said, speaking at a recent event with faculty, alumni and industry members to celebrate the program's anniversary.

"It gives you all the technical skills you need to be a candidate, but it also gives you the business skills that make you a standout candidate.

"And, as the 2024 cohort will find throughout the year, all the projects you do, the presentations you give, everything you go through will develop your people skills – and this is what will make you the chosen candidate."

Transforming careers and building networks

Nethmi Ekanayake, Senior Data Analyst at L'Oreal Australia and New Zealand, studied alongside Hani in the Class of 2020. She said the program had positively impacted more than just her professional development.

"The MBusA has been an invaluable stepping stone in my life and career," she said.

"In addition to the technical skills and business acumen from the course, I walked away with a close circle of new friends and a strong network in the industry."

For Viplav Vadlamani, who graduated in 2018, the program was an entry into data analytics that helped him become Senior Insights & Reporting Analyst at REAx, the innovation team within REA Group.

"This highly-rewarding program transformed my career, launching me into data analytics," he said.

"It honed my ability to fuse technical prowess with business insight to craft compelling narratives. But it also taught me the importance of networking and forging connections – skills I consider indispensable.

"I'm still extremely grateful for this journey."

alumni of MBS MBusA

Junze Li only graduated in 2023, but is already making an impact. The recipient of the Forethought Roberts Medal for the top-performing student, Junze secured a position as Graduate Analyst with Energy Australia shortly after finishing her studies.

"The Master of Business Analytics program was truly instrumental in shaping my career," she said.

"It bridged the gap between theory and practice, equipping me with the skills and real-world exposure to excel as a business analyst.

"I graduated feeling confident and prepared to apply my learnings in the professional world."

The foundations of a world-famous program

Professor Jenny George, Dean of Melbourne Business School, helped establish the Master of Business Analytics program as its founding academic director during her first period at the School.

In a video address to those attending the 10-year anniversary event, she spoke fondly of the original Class of 2015.

"It's been an amazing time, and it is a real privilege to think that this class is now celebrating its ten-year reunion," she said.

"I remember the Master of Business Analytics class of 2015 probably better than any other class I've taught in the School. It's very special to me, and I hope the program also holds a special place in your hearts as well."

SAS Craig Jennings MBusA 10 year event

The evening also highlighted the collaborative efforts that have been instrumental in establishing the degree and positioning it as the country's leading data and analytics program.

Craig Jennings, Vice President and Managing Director of SAS Australia and New Zealand, which has partnered with the Centre for Business Analytics since its launch, spoke about the company's pride in being involved.

"Ten years ago, we worked with MBS to be a founding partner for this wonderful program you have today," he said.

"We are super proud of the heritage, we are super proud of watching what all of you have achieved over the last 10 years, and watching this legacy you are building out is incredibly important.

"What you are studying has never been more important – there is more demand now for data and AI than ever before. Now everybody needs it, because the introduction of cloud computing has enabled data and AI to actually change the world."

The Centre for Business Analytics is also celebrating its 10th year in 2024 and will mark the milestone event at the Melbourne Business Analytics Conference in August.

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