Melbourne Business School News Podcast: Why exercising power at work is different for men and women

Podcast: Why exercising power at work is different for men and women

Gender stereotypes play a major role in determining how men and women learn to use power in the workplace, says Associate Professor Jennifer Overbeck.

"If men want to show their high status, they can have a temper tantrum. And everybody says, 'Oh, he must be very high status'," she says.

"But if a woman does the exact same thing, then people conclude that she's emotional, she can't handle things, she's not competent. And so it backfires on women."

Professor Overbeck was speaking on the topic of power, women and leadership as a guest on the University of Melbourne's Women are the Business podcast, alongside Australia Post board member Jan West and Chief Executive Women President Sue Morphet.

Previous guests on the podcast have included Libby Lyons, Director of Australia's Workplace Gender Equality Agency, and former prime minister Julia Gillard.

Listen to the full episode above, or visit the Women are the Business website for more.

Professor Overbeck teaches Organisational Change, Negotiation and Managing People on our MBA programs.

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