Melbourne Business School Events and Information Sessions Visit Victoria Case Competition 2022 - Presentation Evening

Visit Victoria Case Competition 2022 - Presentation Evening

Friday, 19 August 2022
5.30 PM - 8.30 PM

Visit Victoria is returning to Melbourne Business School to host the 2022 case competition.

Presented in front of a live audience and judging panel including John Kennedy, Former Tourism Victoria Chairman, our students will deliver their case studies before the winning team is announced.

To enable our students to expand their strategy and analysis skills, the competition offers the chance to come up with solutions to real business challenges in Victoria’s visitor economy and major events industry.


About the competition

"The Tourism Case Competition is a CV enhancing opportunity, to showcase the students overall problem-solving skills, in a real world, live, situation. Enthusiastic engagement at this event will bring valuable returns on the time and effort invested. I commend all those involved to fully embrace the rewards available." - John Kennedy, Former Tourism Victoria Chairman

2022 Competition Questions

Question 1

Melbourne has traditionally always been Australia’s most preferred destination. However, this leadership position has been eroding (even prepandemic). How can we address the decline and get preference rising again? 

Question 2

Considering the tremendous societal shifts that have occurred over the last 2 years – including significant lifestyle changes, increased remote working, technology advancements, and changing digital consumption patterns – what are the next big opportunities for major events? How will people spend their leisure time? What is compelling as a shared live experience? What activities are likely to stimulate interstate and international travel to Victoria in the next 12-24 months?

Question 3

India has a growing middle class and is set to be one of the largest sources for outbound tourism in the coming decades. How could Victoria capitalise on this growing market including leveraging events such as the T20 Cricket World Cup? How can we better target the local Indian community to explore regional Victoria?

Question 4

Businesses are increasingly expected to incorporate sustainability and social impact into their products, practices and services. For the tourism industry this means increasing costs but also represents new opportunities. How should tourism businesses respond to this new challenge? Will consumers buy sustainable tourism offerings over a non-sustainable alternative, and what strategies should tourism businesses pursue to succeed?


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