The Nature Of Everything

Tuesday, 07 December 2021
10.00 AM - 11.00 AM

It’s no co-incidence that Covid has created more fur babies; that compelling ads, music videos and cafes are often naturised; and that the future of work will be closer to nature. But have you ever wondered why?

In this unique webinar, Dr Gary Veale, one of Australia’s leading experts on the human-nature relationship, reveals – and makes sense of – the extent to which human decisions, desires, performance, and happiness is influenced by everyday nature experiences. Before zooming off this holiday season – to the park, beach, camping or even overseas – why not join us, and better unlock the natural potential of yourself, your family and work?


About our speaker

Gary Veale has a PhD in the role of nature in unlocking human potential, is a former Director with KPMG, and is the Executive Director of our MBS Centre for Sustainability and Business. Before joining MBS, he founded The Nature Of, a unique advisory and research firm, focused on the human-nature relationship. The Nature Of is now powered by Melbourne Business School with unique programs on The Nature Of Strategy and The Nature Of Leadership planned for 2022.