Melbourne Business School Events and Information Sessions When Home becomes the Workplace - Webinar

When Home becomes the Workplace - Webinar

Thursday, 07 May 2020
2.00 PM - 3.00 PM

Until recently working from home during a pandemic would have been considered uncharted territory, however, a few weeks into COVID-19 restrictions, millions of households have now experienced the highs and lows of working, studying and simply getting along within the confines of the same four walls.

Listen to a panel of Melbourne Business School experts as they examine questions facing millions people now working from home. 



From the Event

In this webinar our panel of experts explored questions such as;

  • How can we better negotiate expectations around work/family priorities with partners and other family members?
  • What are the wellbeing consequences of self-isolation; and what can we do to improve our wellbeing?
  • How can leaders support their teams to better manage themselves in challenging times?
  • What are the impacts on our children and those who we may normally care for?
  • What aspects of this ‘business unusual’ reality could or should become part of how we work going forward?

About our speakers

Aviva Berzon
Aviva consults to a wide range of organisations on leadership and transformational change, helping build leadership capability in individuals and group. With a Masters in Organisation Dynamics, Aviva is particularly interested in affecting change through working at the group and system level.
Greg Harbidge
Greg works at the intersection of Leadership and Innovation to ensure Australian businesses adapt & grow. At Melbourne Business School he specialises in helping organisations take future focused and customer-centered approaches to their work. At home he spends his time chasing after toddlers.
Jen Overbeck
Jen Overbeck literally wrote the book on power in organisations—in this case, the leadership book read by all student-officers at the US Military Academy. She researches and teaches negotiation and leading change, and she negotiated with her husband to uproot their lives 6 years ago and move to Australia for her job as professor at MBS.
Jill Klein
Professor Jill Klein teaches and conducts research on resilience and well-being for Melbourne Business School and Melbourne Medical School. Her work explores how we can improve well-being in the face of challenges and adversity.