Senior Executive MBA


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7 February 2018, 10am
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Senior Executive MBA

The bar is higher than ever for executive performance. Executives need a sound grasp of sophisticated business and financial concepts, and the confidence to draw on multiple approaches to problem solving. They need a thorough understanding of policy, strategy and operational matters to take up leadership roles.

Developing and honing executive capabilities at senior levels in organisations requires considerable time and energy. Few executives and senior managers can take 12 to 18 months for full-time study, which can be disruptive to careers, difficult to sustain financially and hard on employers who do not want to lose valued managers. Part-time study can also be problematic for busy executives who find it difficult to manage personal and professional commitments with evening and weekend study.

Melbourne Business School’s Senior Executive MBA (SEMBA) program specifically addresses the challenges of studying for experienced executives. It comprises 10 x 9-day residential modules over an 18-month period, but requires only five weeks away from work in each of two calendar years.

Our SEMBA program is a global experience, with seven modules delivered in Melbourne and three overseas in Asia, Europe and North America.

By bringing together an exceptional cohort of ambitious, talented and experienced managers from diverse sectors and professions, the SEMBA program provides a highly supportive environment for developing intellectual potential and gaining cutting-edge competencies.

Our participants, professors and international partners represent one of the most prestigious and influential business networks in the world. We invite you to become part of this powerful collective.