Will Harvey

Director Social Purpose Centre and Professor of Leadership

Will Harvey is a Professor of Leadership at Melbourne Business School and is currently the Director of the Social Purpose Centre. He is an International Research Fellow at the Oxford University Centre for Corporate Reputation.

Will has held the roles of Director of Education at the University of Bristol and Associate Dean of Research and Associate Dean of Global at the University of Exeter. He has worked at the University of Oxford, the University of British Columbia and the University of Sydney. For five years he was the Chair of the Board of Libraries Unlimited.

Will researches on reputation, talent management and leadership within organisations. He has recently published the book, Reputations at Stake, with Oxford University Press. His work has appeared in journals such as Harvard Business Review, Journal of Management Studies, Human Relations, Management Learning, Work, Employment & Society, and the British Journal of Management.

Will’s work has featured in the Australian, BBC, Bloomberg, the Financial Times, Fortune, Wired and The Conversation. He has worked with leaders across the world in a variety of sectors, including banking, consulting, defence, education, energy, finance, government, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, social enterprises and retail.

Most Notable Research

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