Simon Holcombe

Academic Director (Masters of Business Analytics Program)

Simon Holcombe is the academic director for the masters of business analytics

Simon has over ten years’ experience in industry utilising a range of analytics in the design and administration of infrastructure within the financial services sector, during which time he worked on Bayesian filters in email and various banking channels. With a passion for education he has spent over 20 years teaching in tertiary and secondary schools, including data analysis in the executive MBA at Monash university.

Simon’s expertise is in mathematical-physics where he has made contributions to the field of condensed matter physics, particularly the theoretical modelling of charge diffusion in the surface layers of dielectrics. He has published articles in the Journal of Physics, Physica, AMM, ZAMP and has most recently published in the field of number theory where he formulated a general method for evaluating trigonometric sums and showed, surprisingly, that a simple classical system of coupled oscillators can display quantisation-like effects within the average energy of particles.

Most Notable Research

S.R. Holcombe, J. Liesegang & E.R. Smith, Surface conductivity of insulators: one-dimensional initial value problems and the inviscid Burgers equation, J. Phys. Condens. Matter 16 (2004) 5999–6015

S.R. Holcombe, E.R. Smith, Charge transport in one dimension: Dissipative and non-dissipative space-charge-limited currents, Physica A 390 (2011) 647–670

S.R. Holcombe, A Product Representation of PI, The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 120, No. 8 (2013), pp. 705

S.R. Holcombe, Falling coupled oscillators & trigonometric sums, Z. Angew. Math. Phys. (2018) 69:19'