Samuelson Appau

Associate Professor of Marketing

Samuelson is an Associate Professor of Marketing at the Melbourne Business School. He has a background in marketing and market research and holds a Ph.D. in Marketing from the University of Melbourne.

Samuelson's multidisciplinary research examines how transitions and transformations in people’s lives, society, and the marketplace affect consumer behaviour and wellbeing. His research has been published in leading marketing and business journals such as the Journal of Consumer Research, Energy Economics, Journal of Business Research, and the Journal of Marketing and Public Policy, among others. His research and academic projects have received funding from Plan International, Scanlon Foundation, and the Victorian Government.

Samuelson teaches Marketing in the MBA program. He is also currently the Program Director for the Blue Nile Program, a business training program for African Australian entrepreneurs and professionals at the Melbourne Business School.

Prior to joining academia, Samuelson worked in market research and brand consulting with Kantar Millward Brown in West Africa, advising clients such as Coca-Cola, Nestlé, Unilever, and Etisalat. He also consults for many start-ups and entrepreneurs on how to build and sustain strong brands.

Most Notable Research

Appau, S., & Crockett, D. (2023). Wealth in People and Places: Understanding Transnational Gift Obligations. Journal of Consumer Research, 49(6), 1053-1073.

Trinh, T. A., Appau, S., Churchill, S. A., & Farrell, L. (2022). Temperature shocks and gambling. Energy Economics, 115, 106406.

Appau, S. (Editor) (2021) Marketing Brands in Africa: Perspectives on the Evolution of Branding in an Emerging Market. Springer Nature: London

Zhang, Q., Appau, S., & Kodom, P. L. (2021). Energy Poverty, Children's Wellbeing, and the Mediating Role of Academic Performance: Evidence from China. Energy Economics, 97, 105206.

Hailemariam, A., Yew, S. L., & Appau, S. (2021). Gender Health Gaps: The Role of Risky Addictive Behaviors. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 191, 639-660.

Appau, S. (2021). Toward a Divine Economic System: Understanding Exchanges in A Religious Consumption Field. Marketing Theory, 21(2), 177-199.

Appau, S., Ozanne, J. L., & Klein, J. G. (2020). Understanding Difficult Consumer Transitions: The In/Dividual Consumer in Permanent Liminality. Journal of Consumer Research, 47(2), 167-191.

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