Gerardo Berbeglia

Associate Professor of Operations

Gerardo Berbeglia joined Melbourne Business School in 2012.

After completing his PhD at the Université de Montréal, Gerardo was a Senior Scientist at ExPretio Technologies Inc and, later, a Postdoctoral Fellow at McGill University.

Gerardo’s research has been published in leading journals and conference proceedings, including Transportation Science, INFORMS Journal on Computing, European Journal of Operational Research, Operations Research Retters, ACM conference on Economics and Computation (EC), Conference on Web and Internet Economics (WINE) and the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence. His recent research focuses on revenue management and quantitative models that account for social influence in online markets (such as iTunes or Google Play).

Gerardo teaches Operations, Optimisation and Decision Making, and Supply Chain Analytics on the MBA programs and Master of Business Analytics program.

Selected Publications


Journal Articles Refereed

Assortment Optimization under the Sequential Multinomial Logit Model. European Journal of Operational Research, in press (pdf)

(with Alvaro Flores and Pascal Van Hentenryck)

Pricing Policies for Selling Indivisible Storable Goods to Strategic Consumers. Annals of Operations Research, in press. (pdf)

(with Gautam Rayaprolu and Adrian Vetta)

Popularity signals in trial-offer markets with social influence and position bias. European Journal of Operational Research. 266(2):775-793, 2018. (pdf)

(with Felipe Maldonado, Pascal Van Hentenryck and Franco Berbeglia)

Conference Papers Refereed

Tight Bounds on the Relative Performances of Pricing Mechanisms in Storable Good Markets. Proceedings of the International Symposium of Algorithmic Game Theory (SAGT) 2018, pages 267-271. (pdf)

(with Shant Boodaghians and Adrian Vetta)


Journal Articles Refereed

Transient Dynamics in Trial-Offer Markets with Social Influence: Trade-offs between Appeal and Quality. PLOS ONE 12(7):e0180040, 2017.

(with Edgar Altszyler, Franco Berbeglia and Pascal Van Hentenryck)

Conference Papers Refereed

Assortment optimisation under a general discrete choice model: A tight analysis of revenue-ordered assortments. Proceedings of the 18th ACM Conference on Economics and Computation (EC) 2017

(with Gwenaël Joret)


Journal Articles Refereed

Assortment optimization under a multinomial logit model with position bias and social influence. 4 OR: Quarterly Journal of Operations Research. 14.

Discrete choice models based on random walks. Operations Research Letters. 44.

Conference Papers Refereed

Aligning popularity and quality in online cultural markets.

Asymptotic optimality of myopic optimization in trial-offer markets with social influence. Proceedings of the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence.

Interdependent scheduling games. Proceedings of the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence.


Journal Articles Refereed

Bargaining mechanisms for one-way games. Games. 6.

The Benefits of Social Influence in Optimized Cultural Markets. PLoS One. 10.


Conference Papers Refereed

Bounds on the Profitability of a Durable Good Monopolist. Lecture Notes in Computer Science.


Journal Articles Refereed

A Hybrid Tabu Search and Constraint Programming Algorithm for the Dynamic Dial-a-Ride Problem. INFORMS Journal on Computing. 24.

Feasibility of the Pickup and Delivery Problem with Fixed Partial Routes: A Complexity Analysis. Transportation Science. 46.


Journal Articles Refereed

Checking the feasibility of dial-a-ride instances using constraint programming. Transportation Science. 45.


Journal Articles Refereed

Dynamic pickup and delivery problems. European Journal of Operational Research. 202.


Journal Articles Refereed

Counting feasible solutions of the traveling salesman problem with pickups and deliveries is #P-complete. Discrete Applied Mathematics. 157:2541-2547.

The counting complexity of a simple scheduling problem. Operations Research Letters. 37:365-367.


Journal Articles Refereed

Static pickup and delivery problems: a classification scheme and survey. TOP 15:1-31.


2010 Mercure Award: Best thesis of the year at HEC Montréal

2010 Cecil Graham Award: Best doctoral dissertation in applied mathematics of the year in Canada