Daisung Jang

Assistant Professor

Daisung Jang is an Assistant Professor of Managment at Melbourne Business School.

Daisung is an award winning researcher who studies negotiation. He has a particular interest in studying how people plan to bargain and implement negotiated deals. He is also interested in how individual characteristics influence this process, by exploring how personality shapes how people plan, bargain, and deliver on an agreement. His research has been published in the leading academic journal in management, the Academy of Management Annals. His approach to studying negotiation was awarded research funding by the NTR Institute.

Most Notable Research

Jang, D., Elfenbein, H. A., & Bottom, W. P. (2018). More than a phase: Form and features of a general theory of negotiation. Academy of Management Annals, 12(1), 318–356.

Le, D. Q., & Jang, D. (2023). Individual Differences and Situational Constraint Predict Information Search in Negotiation Planning. Group Decision and Negotiation, 32, 667–699.

Jang, D., Choi, H., & Loewenstein, J. (2021). Integration through redefinition: Revisiting the role of negotiators’ goals. Group Decision and Negotiation.

Jang, D., & Bottom, W. P. (2021). Tactical anger in negotiation: The expresser’s perspective. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 35(1), e2246.

Working papers:

The Choice That Chooses You Back: Introducing Social Variety-Seeking as a Trait Predicting Greater Network Brokerage Through Building Connections With Previously Disconnected Others.

At What Age Can Children Initiate and Execute a Mutually Beneficial Exchange?