Carol Gill

Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour

Carol Gill is an Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour at Melbourne Business School.

Carol has specialized in the fields of executive learning and development, human resource management and organization development, as both an academic and practitioner, for more than 25 years. She is a registered organizational psychologist, accredited coach, and certified fellow of the Australian Institute of Human Resource Management. Carol has worked in key roles within major private and public-sector organizations in leadership and executive development, human resources, workplace performance, employee relations, recruitment, and change management.

Carol’s research, which has been published in the Journal of Management, Human Resource Management and elsewhere, explores personal, behavioral, and organizational integrity. In particular, Carol is interested in Leadership in organizations and work teams. Her recent focus has been on authentic leadership and alignment of employees to strategic imperatives and organizational values in a changing organizational context.

Carol teaches People Management and Leadership on MBA programs and designs and delivers Executive Education.

Selected Research & Publications

Trust Consensus Within Culturally Diverse Teams: A Multistudy Investigation (with Bart De Jong, Nicole Gillespie, & Ian Williamson), Journal of Management, in press.

An investigation of authentic leadership's individual and group influences on follower responses (Lead author, with Arran Caza) Journal of Management, 2018.

The combined role of conscientiousness, social networks, and gender diversity in explaining individual performance in self-managed teams (with Isabel Metz, Amanuel Tekleab, & Ian Williamson), Journal of Business Research, 2018.

Leader-Member Guanxi: An Invisible Hand of Cronyism in Chinese Management. (with Jiarui Zhang), Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources, 2018.

Authentic Leadership and Strategic Human Resource Management. (Lead author, with William Gardner, J. Claeys, & K. Vangronsvelt), Human Resource Management Review, 2018.

Don’t Know, Don’t Care: An Exploration of Evidence Based Knowledge and Practice in Human Resource Management. (Sole author). Human Resource Management Review, 2018.

Leading Change Authentically: How Authentic Leaders Influence Follower Responses to Complex Change. (with B. Seyyed). Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies, 2017.

The Role of Leadership in Successful International Mergers and Acquisitions: Why Renault-Nissan Succeeded and DaimlerChrysler-Mitsubishi Failed. (Sole author). Human Resource Management, 51, 3: 433-456, 20, 2015.

Union Presence, Employee Relations and High Performance Work Practices. (Lead author, with Denny Meyer,) Personnel Review, 42, 5:508-528, 2013.

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