Alex Newman

Associate Dean (Faculty), Professor of Management

Alex Newman is one of Australia’s leading researchers in the field of management.

In the past two years Alex has been recognised by the Australian Research Magazine as Australia’s leading researcher across two sub-disciplines: human resources and organisations, and ethics. In 2022 he was also recognised by Clarivate as a highly cited researcher and in the same year was awarded the Mid-Career Award from the Careers Division of the Academy of Management.

Alex has published in leading journals including the Journal of Applied Psychology, the Journal of Organisational Behavior, Human Resource Management, the Leadership Quarterly and the Journal of International Business Studies. Alex has also obtained multiple awards for research impact for the work he has done to support the career reestablishment of people from a refugee background including a Green Gown Award, an Australian Business Dean’s Council Award, an Emerald Real Impact Award, and Australian Financial Review Higher Education Award.

Prior to joining Melbourne Business School as Associate Dean Faculty, Alex had roles at Deakin Business School and Monash Business School. At Deakin he established the Centre for Refugee Employment, Advocacy, Training and Education (CREATE) and was Associate Dean International and Head of the Department of Management. Prior to that he was involved in the establishment of the first Sino-Foreign University in China (The University of Nottingham, Ningbo China) and worked in international business in Japan. He speaks fluent Japanese and basic Chinese.

Most Notable Research

Zhu, F., & Newman, A. (in press). One size does not fit all: Organizational rewards, managerial experience, and employee retention in entrepreneurial new ventures. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, forthcoming.

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