Melbourne Business School Events and Information Sessions Virtual Talking Data Series: Ken Roberts, Executive Chairman, Forethought Research

Virtual Talking Data Series: Ken Roberts, Executive Chairman, Forethought Research

Thursday, 17 September 2020
1.00 PM - 2.00 PM

Topic: Keeping a pulse on Consumer Normality in Australia and the US

COVID-19 has caused consumers to dramatically change their behaviour. Will there be a snap back or have some aspects of our behaviour changed forever? Since February, Forethought has been keeping a pulse on Australian sentiment to provide a snapshot of how far removed we are becoming from behaviours consistent with our lives before the pandemic. Forethought understands that businesses want to re-establish normal patterns of business at the optimal time, so they launched the Australian Normality Index to observe how Australian consumers are responding and adapting to the challenges they are now coping with as well as trends in attitudes and behaviours as normalcy returns. The Australian Normality Index is a partner study to the Forethought USA Normality Index, between which Ken will juxtapose sentiment trends in Australia and the US. In total, Forethought has spoken to almost 20,000 people.

About Our Speaker

Ken Roberts, Executive Chairman, Forethought Research, is a serial innovator of advanced analytics methods, being granted patents in the USA, UK and Australia for his work. With a duel lens on survey and organisational data, Ken seeks to address organisations’ vital questions: how to efficiently gain and retain market share and how to drive communications efficacy. For more than 25 years, Ken has led Forethought to be ranked the most commercially effective and innovative marketing growth consultancy in Australia. Ken has published extensively in prominent industry journals, twice in the prestigious Marketing Science journal, and has been lauded internationally for his contribution to driving organisational growth.