Melbourne Business School Degree Programs Weighted Average Mark (WAM)

Weighted Average Mark (WAM)

Weighted Average Mark (WAM)

The Weighted Average Mark (WAM) is an indication of overall academic performance. The WAM is the average mark you achieve across all completed subjects in a program, including any failed and repeated subjects. The WAM is out of 100.

How is the Weighted Average Mark calculated?

The weighted average mark (WAM) is calculated using this formula:

Sum of (Mark x credit points for subjects)
Sum of (Total credit points for subjects)

Subjects are not included in the WAM calculation when:

  • No numeric mark has been recorded
  • The credit points are 0
  • Have a 'CNT' (Continuing) grade and no numeric mark
  • They are time-based subjects, such as Research subjects
  • They are marked on a pass/fail basis only
  • Have a 'withdrawn' status
  • You have been awarded Advanced Standing (credit) for a subject studied at another institution - the subject grade you received at the other institution will not be added to your WAM.

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