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The Orford Initiative

Improving the retirement outcomes for Australians by optimising their retirement income and financial security.

About the Orford Initiative

About the Orford Initiative

The Orford Initiative is a three-year project conducted by Melbourne Business School investigating key issues within the Australian Retirement Ecosystem, funded by the Orford Foundation in collaboration with the Melbourne Business School.

The project team acknowledges the invaluable support of the Orford Foundation.

The project will ultimately help retirees in Australia to optimise their lifestyle post-retirement for the duration of their retirement.

Research Team

Jody Evans

Dr Jody Evans


Melbourne Business School, The University of Melbourne

[email protected]


The team adopts an engaged research approach to all projects.

Engaged research is based on authentic partnerships with communities and organisations to craft a research program that creates value with and for communities or organisations and that has aligned academic outcomes.

Research outputs:

Altschwager, T. & Evans, J. (2018) An Ecosystem Perspective of Retirement in Australia. In Proceedings of the Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference (ANZMAC 2018), p. 342. University of Adelaide.

Altschwager, T. & Evans, J. (2019). Unlocking the Dynamics of Subjective Financial Well-being in Retirement. Accepted to the Summer 2019 American Marketing Academy Conference. Chicago, August 2019. Best Paper in Track: Consumer Well-Being. 


The research team is committed to providing regular updates as the project progresses.

The influence of message framing on financial decisions for retirement
December 2021

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Experiences with a retirement income calculator
November 2021

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Providing advice for retirement; a financial adviser perspective
January 2021

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Understanding the annuity experience
November 2020

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Annuities across International Retirement Contexts
August 2020

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Allocating retirement funds and annuity attribute preferences; findings from 2 choice experiments
January 2020

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Orford Initiative Consumer Survey Report - Australian retirement priorities, perceptions, and products

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Orford Initiative In Focus: Australians versus post-retirement products; challenges and opportunities

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Orford Initiative In Focus: How do people make decisions at retirement about organising their financial affairs

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The Customer Journey Through Retirement Planning

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The Australian Retirement Planning Ecosystem

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2018 Research Brief: Retirement planning in Australia - an ecosystem perspective

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