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I declare that the information I have submitted with this application is a true and complete record of all academic results I have achieved at each and every university and tertiary institution which I have attended.

I hereby authorise the University of Melbourne and Melbourne Business School to make enquiries and obtain official records from any university and tertiary institution concerning my current and previous attendance which, in its absolution discretion, it believes are necessary.

I acknowledge that my failure to disclose my true and complete tertiary record may result in my being excluded from the University and / or Melbourne Business School.

I further declare that all the information supplied by me is complete, true and correct in every particular and acknowledge that the University may terminate my studies if I have misrepresented my past and/or present circumstances and that this termination may take place at any stage during the course undertaken.

I understand that should I be awarded a scholarship from the University of Melbourne I may not hold another equivalent award at the same time.

I declare that I will be able to abide by the University's policy regarding refunds outlined in the Arrangements Relating to the Payment of my Student Fees.

I understand the University and Melbourne Business School reserves the right to inform other tertiary institutions if any of the material presented to support my application is found to be false.

All documents submitted become the property of the University of Melbourne and Melbourne Business School.

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I authorise the University of Melbourne and Melbourne Business School to release my academic results to my sponsor for the duration of my enrolment in this course.

Please refer to for the University's Privacy Policy and to for the Melbourne Business School's Privacy Policy.

I hereby declare that I have read and understood the above conditions and agree to be bound by those conditions.