Melbourne Business School Short Courses Leading Data Analytics

Leading Data Analytics

Demystify analytics, data science and AI with a course introducing core concepts and frameworks for experienced managers and executives new to analytics.

22 - 24 November 2022

Leading Data Analytics Course Overview

Improve your understanding and confidence to lead data scientists, analysts and engineers and get structured for success while delivering project outcomes – even if you’re new to the world of data.

Improve your understanding and confidence to lead data scientists, analysts and engineers and get structured for success while delivering project outcomes – even if you’re new to the world of data.

Leading data analytics teams requires a base understanding of data concepts, roles, and practices. Our Leading Data Analytics course equips experienced managers and executives with this foundational knowledge. We cover topics ranging from customer insights to machine learning so that data analytics leaders can effectively guide their team towards effective outcomes.

Through an engaging combination of high-level conceptual frameworks, practical examples and real-life experiences, you'll learn how to assess your organisation’s analytics maturity, design the right organisational structure, leverage modern IT capabilities and nurture the core data talent your organisation needs to succeed.

"Data analytics capability offers significant gains to organisational performance; therefore, Australian businesses are making sizeable investments in analytics talent and data ecosystems.

To optimise data analytics functions across the business, leaders need to be able to understand and communicate basic analytics concepts, technology stacks, analytics project lifecycles, and data-related roles.

We designed this course to equip executives and experienced managers without a background in analytics with the tools and skills to power their analytics teams for success."

Yalçın Akçay
Director of the Centre for Business Analytics,
Associate Dean, Business Analytics,
Melbourne Business School

Who Should Attend This Analytics Course?

Professionals, Managers, and Executives

  • Leaders with responsibility for the data analytics function
  • Leaders who leverage data analytics or influence strategy
  • Leaders transitioning into data analytics

Key Takeaways From This Short Course

Develop Your Data Analytics Strategy

  • Understand and assess core data analytics capabilities and strengths within your team
  • Prioritise areas for growth and upskilling to support your business
  • Structure your teams for success – now and into the future

Drive Greater Business Impact from Analytics

  • Quantify benefits: from analytics outcomes to commercial impact
  • Evaluate performance and engage with stakeholders
  • Partner with IT for the data and technology needed to succeed

Win the War for Talent

  • Understand the variety of data analytics roles and their motivations
  • Where and how to leverage third parties for expertise and capacity
  • Fostering a successful data team culture and becoming an employer of choice

Topics Covered

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Introduction to Data Analytics Functions

Understand at a high-level the core techniques used by data analytics teams, the main data roles and how they work together to create value.
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Data Analytics in Context

Learn how data analytics teams support businesses, different approaches to structuring and deploying teams and common frameworks for assessing organisational maturity.
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Delivering Data Analytics Outcomes

Understand how the most common data analytics projects are set up, executed and evaluated. Covers descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics projects and the use of third-party consultants and contractors.
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Data Analytics Tools and Environments

Gain familiarity with the most widely used technologies across data analytics functions, from dashboards to major software vendors and cloud computing.
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Careers and Culture in Data Analytics

Understand how to design the right teams for your organisation’s context, nurture talent and provide a great place to work for a variety of data roles.


Dr Gregory Hill

Dr Gregory Hill

Greg has been leading data analytics teams since 2009. He has designed teams and roles while hiring and managing the full spectrum of data analysts, scientists and engineers in Australia, the UK, US, Malaysia and China.

His expertise lies in applying advanced analytics capabilities to solve commercial problems in marketing, supply chain, product management and pricing for retailers, telcos and financial services firms.

Greg’s passion is developing data practitioners of all stripes in their careers, so that their intellectual and technical capabilities have an outsized impact on organisations.

He was a founding member of the Industry Advisory Board at MBS’ Centre for Business Analytics, where he helped develop the curriculum for the flagship Masters degree. He holds a PhD in analytics from the University of Melbourne.

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