Seeking organisations to participate in a landmark ARC study

The project is a global collaboration between Melbourne Business School (MBS), University of Queensland Business School (UQBS) and Leeds University Business School (LUBS), UK. Led by renowned experts in management and workspace design, this study aims to evaluate the impact of workplace environments on employee productivity and wellbeing.

Effects that physical work environments have on employees’ wellbeing and productivity is becoming of increasing importance in evaluating organisational performance and effectiveness. Understanding how workplace settings impact on employees’ work behaviours and how people use and interact within their workspaces are concepts that are gaining salience in the academic and business world. To date, there is a lack of research about the impact of workspace environments impact on employee wellbeing, productivity, cognitive performance, group dynamics, emotions and workplace behaviours.
​Revolutionising the way we understand workspace and employee performance, Professor Jehn is leading a study focused on the effects on employee productivity and wellbeing. Our research team are currently seeking organisations to be part of this evidence based research project. The research design can be adapted to suit individual organisation’s needs to provide information specifically related to their workforce. Organisations will benefit from tailored research that will provide practical insight to assist with increasing high-level performance and improving employee productivity. Participating organisations will also have opportunities to benchmark with others in the industry on organisational performance and workspace matters.

Professor Jehn is internationally renowned for her work in negotiation, conflict management, group dynamics and team processes in organisations. Additionally she has consulted to many Fortune 500 companies worldwide on various topics and has won more than 50 awards and grants for her work from international associations. Her work has been cited over 10,000 times in high-impact international journals and her research has been covered in many media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, Fortune Magazine, New York Stock Exchange Magazine, The New Zealand Herald, AFR Boss, and interviews on ABC Radio, CNN, MSNBC, and National Public Radio.

If your organisation, department of workgroup is interested in participating in this study we would like to hear from you. For more information about the project, contact:  Professor Karen Jehn, Melbourne Business School (