New mums call on employers for flexible working arrangements

Holly Locastro was excited to return to work after having her baby but she soon discovered finding the right job was not as easy as she thought.

Ms Locastro, from Truganina, struggled to find a part-time position that matched her skill level after having her daughter ­Marley. Her choice was to either go full-time or drop to a lower level.

“I found it hard to find a part-time job. I was at the stage where I was thinking, OK, I have to look for full-time work, but then I found out I was pregnant (with her second child) so I knew no one would look at me,” she said.
A study conducted by University of Melbourne organisational behaviour associate professor Isabel Metz found that contrary to the employers’ beliefs, almost three-quarters of women with children who were surveyed wanted to return to work.
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