Actionable Impact Management - a practical guide to social impact strategy, assessment and communication
June 2018
Volume 1 - Groundwork (Vision, Mission,and Goals)
Volume 2 - Metrics
Volume 3 - Data
Volume 4 - Communication

Philanthropy – Towards a Better Practice Model
APSIC, Perpetual
May 2018

Mental Health in the Workplace
APSIC, Seek Ltd
August, 2016

Impacting Investing Australia Investor Report 
APSIC, Impacting Investing Australia, University of Melbourne
March, 2016

Sustainable Mining: Getting Resettlement Right
APSIC and Oxfam
November, 2015

Engaged Philanthropy in Practice: Building Momentum
APSIC and The Trust Company
December, 2013

Engaged Philantrophy in Practice: Stepping Stones 
APSIC and The Trust Company 

Branding the Public Gallery Sector: A New Competitive Model 
Associate Professor Jody Evans
February, 2013

Demonstrating Impact in Public Art Museums
Associate Professor Jody Evans

Arts Philanthropy – Towards a Better Practice Model
Liz Gillies, The Trust Company Fellow
February, 2013