Partners and Projects

The Asia Pacific Social Impact Centre focuses on five strategic areas:

1.  Indigenous economic development

APSIC’s activities in this area are directed to building the capabilities of Indigenous leaders and entrepreneurs to ensure they can become more successful at recognising and exploiting opportunities for their businesses as they face increasing demand in Australia and internationally. Through this work, APSIC aims to encourage growth in job creation, stability and wealth in the Indigenous community.

APSIC’s programs are accompanied by Australian Research Council funded research in the area of Indigenous leadership. Our Indigenous programs include:

2. Capacity building in the third sector

Through partnerships with community, non-profit, civil or social organisations, operating in the third sector, APSIC aims to develop greater organisation acumen in line with social objectives and missions through research and programs, utilising Melbourne Business School’s MBA talent and world-class faculty. 

Projects in this space include:

  • Social Traders and the CRUNCH social venture incubator program
  • Trust Company Fellowship
  • Supporting the arts sector
  • Ten 20 Foundation
  • Partnerships with organisations in Asia Pacific, including Universitas Indonesia and Oxfam.

3. Pathways to work

Employment and economic independence are crucial components of social equity.

APSIC has developed initiatives to examine how pathways to work for under-represented job seekers can be increased. APSIC’s work in this domain focuses on projects related to human resources strategy and recruitment, talent search and corporate social responsibility practices in the business community.

Projects in this space include:


4. Creating shared value

All organisations aim to create value of some kind, whether it is economic, social or environmental. In the past, the private sector has been perceived as focusing largely on economic value, leaving the social and environmental dimensions to government, philanthropic and non-profit sectors. Globally, a new approach is taking hold in which business embraces value creation that reintegrates commerce and community in order to generate a greater total value for society.

APSIC aims to leverage the capital and creativity of companies to help them create shared value in their operations and the business community.

Projects include:

  • Australia Post Shared Value Project
  • Annual mining symposium, co-hosted with Oxfam
  • Business for Millennium Development mission to East Java.


5.  Impact investment

As organisations search for ways to contribute to social impact, measuring outcomes become increasingly important. Issues such as how funds are spent and accounted for, how impact is measured when the effects may not be apparent for years, and how outcomes are linked to individual KPIs and corporate strategy are critical to making a case for shareholder engagement and return. APSIC aims to contribute to the advancement of impacting investing and creating social and economic value.

Our impact investment projects include:

  • Research with Impact Investing Australia.