Our mission

To spark positive social change in Australia and across the Asia–Pacific region by collaborating with the non-profit, business, philanthropic and government sectors to solve entrenched social problems.

Our history

“Social problems are not like business cycles. You cannot ride them out. We need cross-sectoral collaboration and sustainable implementation to ensure we don’t try to solve today’s problems with yesterday’s ideas.” Professor Ian Williamson

The Asia Pacific Social Impact Centre (APSIC) was established at Melbourne Business School in 2008 in partnership with the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust to find new ways of solving entrenched social problems that stem from poverty, health, education or discrimination and impact all sectors around the world.

In 2014, APSIC welcomed the Faculty of Business and Economics’ Social Investment Research Group at the University of Melbourne to further cement the Centre’s position as an international leader in the field of social impact.

Through research, education programs and partnerships with the third sector, businesses and individuals, APSIC drives and informs social change with measurable impact.