Why our new Director of Admissions wants to enrol more female students

Anastasia Georgiou is the new Director of Admissions at Melbourne Business School, and she has big plans to make the student experience even better.
"The Melbourne Business School experience is special, and my role is make sure it stays that way by getting the right number, the right quality and the right diversity of students," Anastasia says.

With nearly 20 years of experience working in tertiary education, Anastasia understands the challenges of taking on an MBA degree from different perspectives. 

"My approach is hands-on and personalised, so no one feels like a number because that's not what the School is about. We make sure to understand someone's situation – in fact, that's crucial," she says.

"For example, we understand women who take leave to start a family will often start an MBA to not fall behind in their career, while men struggling with changing business areas will start an MBA to take that difficult step sideways. 

"We make sure to understand these situations so we can best support people, and that includes women who are great at constantly prioritising and managing time – especially with kids and working full-time – but avoid prioritising their own needs, like starting an MBA to progress their career."

One of Anastasia's biggest priorities for 2019 is to make sure the mix of students at Melbourne Business School supports innovation by encouraging creativity and collaboration between people with different experiences.

"My 2019 plans will see more students from different walks of life enter our classrooms, which I know will add to the conversations at Melbourne Business School," she says. 

"Part of my job is making sure that we have students with diverse backgrounds in knowledge, experience, ethnicity and so on, because everyone brings something to a conversation.

"We're making sure that scholarships are given to the right people for the right reasons – especially when it comes to having more women in the classroom, even though places are limited."

As for attracting new students, Anastasia said that's the easy part of her job.

"Melbourne Business School is great in so many ways. Our facilities are absolutely awesome, the staff here are amazing and it's the best business school in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. Who wouldn't want to be part of that journey?"

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