Melbourne Business School News We're launching a Part-time Master of Business Analytics

We're launching a Part-time Master of Business Analytics

The degree is one of several new ways aspiring data professionals and leaders can study business analytics at Melbourne Business School.

Dr Simon Holcombe, Academic Director of the Master of Business Analytics at Melbourne Business School

"The Master of Business Analytics has become one of Melbourne Business School's most popular and acclaimed programs since we launched it in 2015," says Academic Director Dr Simon Holcombe.

"However, the full-time version is an intensive format that doesn't offer much flexibility. Now we're opening it up to working professionals who want to study without leaving their current role as well."

The new changes include a part-time version of the popular degree, as well as stackable qualifications including a professional certificate, graduate certificate and graduate diploma that offer flexible study pathways.

Part-time Master of Business Analytics programs

"The pace of these options is adaptable to the learning style and needs of students who may be balancing work and personal commitments as well as study," says Dr Holcombe.

"Depending on what life throws at them, students could reduce their study load, change their configuration or exit with a qualification and return later to complete the full degree."

High demand for data professionals

Since its inception, the Master of Business Analytics has been consistently ranked among the top 20 degrees of its type in the world – with demand for data practitioners particularly high in Australia.

"Graduates of our full-time program have landed roles at top companies in Australia, including L’Oréal, McKinsey, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, BP, ANZ, Kearney, Deloitte, EY and Accenture, to mention just some," Dr Holcombe says.

Part of the reason for that success is due to a focus on personal skills as well as technical expertise, so graduates can use data to provide insight, as well as communicate those insights to senior leaders.

"It provides not only practical skills to enter the sector but also 'soft skills' around personal and professional development, which is a big reason why some large and well-known companies only hire our graduates," Dr Holcombe says.

Data skills a requirement for all leaders

Dr Holcombe says the Master of Business Analytics has become an important complement to an MBA for leaders in the digital age.

"An MBA is useful for leaders by design, but it is a generalist degree and can't reach the technical depths and applications that the Master of Business Analytics offers," he says.

"If you're leading technical teams or driving change through data insights, getting hands-on knowledge of analytics will help you be more effective with your decision-making."

Dr Holcombe says Melbourne Business School also offers a unique mix of strengths for students considering developing their skills in business analytics.

"Studying our Master of Business Analytics leverages all the power that a business school can offer in terms of career management and development," he says.

"Just like our MBA students, business analytics students have access to our Career Services, extensive business networks and powerful alumni community, as well as the Centre for Business Analytics, whose corporate partners include Downer, EY, Deloitte, PEXA, Suncorp, Kearney and Australian Super."

You can find more information about our new flexible pathways and study options on the Business Analytics Programs page.

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