Mission accomplished: Achala becomes Senior Consultant after completing the part-time MBA

After spending over 10 years in the accounting and finance industry, Achala Hewarathna (MBA 2015) was looking to move away from back office support to a more strategy-focussed role.
With this in mind, Achala set his sights on the consulting industry, “I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to leverage my previous business experience with cutting edge industry practices in advising clients on improving their business.” Having successfully achieved what he set out to do, Achala fills us in on how the MBA helped him with his career change.

“Melbourne Business School was an easy choice given its reputation and the calibre of faculty.” Deciding on the school was an easy choice for Achala and he chose the Part-time study mode as it allowed him to continue further studies with minimal disruption to his working life. It also gave him the opportunity to attend Cornell University for a semester as an exchange student, which he credits with further broadening his learning experience. 

Achala found that many doors were opened for him through his MBA, “As I was looking to make a career change after spending a considerable amount of time in my previous industry, the MBA provided almost a fresh start when approaching potential employers as they recognised that I was capable of more than just accounting. It allowed me to get my foot in the door to have the conversations with the right employers.”

During his time at MBS, Achala sought out support from the Career Management Team to help shape his resume and cover letters to be conducive to the consulting industry. He also attended the company presentations on campus that were organised by the Career Management Team and found that they were the best way to meet potential employers who are specifically looking for MBA candidates, “For any student that’s looking to do something different to what they currently do in their post MBA career I highly recommend getting involved as early as possible.”

And Achala is now certainly doing something different. Shortly after completing his MBA, Achala joined Ernst & Young in their advisory practice as a Senior Consultant. Having made the transition from an Accountant to a Senior Consultant, it is certainly a case of ‘mission accomplished’ for Achala, at least until he sets his sights on his next career goal.