MBS retains cup after tough fight on AGSM’s home turf

Melbourne Business School students won the 21st AGSM–MBS Cup Challenge in Sydney, bringing the trophy home after two days of debating, basketball, soccer and water sports.
mbs cupThe battled kicked off on Friday night at the debate between Melbourne Business School and AGSM students at the UNSW campus on the topic of ‘If multinational companies should be liable for human rights abuses that occur anywhere in their supply chain.’

Both sides debated with passion and extracted plenty of laughter and respect from the crowd but had to wait until after the next day’s events to hear the judges’ decision.

Saturday began with basketball with Melbourne Business School’s team crushing AGSM 46–18, while in indoor soccer, AGSM grabbed a three-goal lead and ultimately won the day five goals to three.

After lunch, each side made their way to the Woollahra Sailing Club for the water sports.

The 16 competing teams in the sailing event were given the option to paddle, making for some great entertainment as AGSM took line honours, while Melbourne Business School came in second.

AGSM took first place in the kayaking, but the all-female Melbourne Business School crew made it over the line with extra points.

In the final stand-up paddle-board event, AGSM placed first but the Melbourne Business School women proved their mettle again by being the first female contestants to return to shore.

The debate winner was then announced, giving MBS the win it needed to become the overall winner of the challenge yet again.

Melbourne Business School Dean Zeger Degraeve said the result was a great achievement.

“I’m very proud that the MBS-AGSM Cup will be staying in Melbourne for another year,” Zeger said.

“While this is always a hotly contested challenge, it also provides our students with the opportunity form strong friendships and have some fun.”