MBA inspires Michael to drive social value, not just financial

We are used to ratings websites for restaurants and travel but MBS alum Michael Stevenson has come up with a way for people to rate their disability service providers.

Michael Stevenson (MBA 2014) (R) with Prof. Kwanghui Lim at Alumni Reunion 2015
Michael describes as a “TripAdvisor” for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

The NDIS is a Federal Government funding scheme to support people with permanent and significant disability that affects everyday life.

Graduating from the fulltime MBA in 2014, Michael said it was important for him to create and contribute value in whatever endeavour he undertook. That passion is clear with which was launched in February.

He said the idea for came when he was researching the NDIS and found the official website hard to navigate.

“Information on who provided what where was not easily accessible,”

Michael said, adding “The National Disability Insurance Agency has a huge job in rolling out the scheme and this was a resource I could create to help the NDIS realise its promise of person-centred care."

“I asked around and got in touch with people to find out about their experience and found they had the same difficulties.”

His aim for the site was to help people make informed choices and to improve the care they received.

When he is not working on, which he says is rapidly becoming his full-time job, Michael consults to health and social organisations on strategy and development.

Michael said his experience at MBS influenced his drive to create a resource that would be a useful and also have social value.

“I think most people want to do work that makes a positive contribution and creates value in the world,” Michael said.

“In our first few months I’ve received a lot of really positive feedback that says people do find a valuable resource, so that’s really rewarding and motivating us to continue to develop and improve the service.

“The education I received from MBS has definitely informed my understanding of what value is and how it is created.”

“The skills MBS gives you are about driving value. While some folks might look at MBAs as being solely interested in shareholder value, those same skills can be and are being applied to drive social value by many of our school’s alumni .”

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