Intel-MBS Case Competition prize winners

Wearwolves – Healthcare
Duncan Graham, Candice Vallimont, Liza Kierans, Nicholas Rait and Heshan Dantanarayana.
First prize, US$5000.

The winning Wearwolves team

CGHMN Consulting – Baby Monitory System
Ben Buratto, Marian Ngo, Kenneth Li and Stephen Smith (absent).
Second prize, US$3000.

CGHMN team with Intel and MBS judges 

Telin – Connected Shepherd
Arun Sareen, Bettina Garnier, Fraz Rana, Justin Rebbeck and Mubin Rahimi.
Third prize, US$2000.

The Telin team with Careers’ John Gurskey and Laura Nord-Thomson

Intel-MBS Case Competition Judges 

Judges Chris Kelly, Amit Minocha and Beau Gillette (Intel) and Kwanghui Lim and Geoff Martin (MBS)