How a part-time MBA helped Hazel transition from a Nurse to an Associate Brand Manager

Working as a Registered Nurse at the Alfred Hospital, Hazel Windrum (MBA 2015) didn’t have much of a business background but wanted to pursue an MBA.
Other institutions would not consider accepting Hazel because she was a Registered Nurse, “Only MBS was able to see past the title of my official job and consider my potential as a person.” It was for that reason and the reputation of the School that led to Hazel’s decision to study at Melbourne Business School. This decision proved to be vital to Hazel’s career journey, as her switch in role and industry can be directly attributed to the MBS network.

Hazel decided that the part-time MBA was more suitable for her personal learning needs and development, “Whilst the full-time MBA is completed a lot quicker, I found that the part-time program allowed me the opportunity to mull over content, reflect on how it related to real life situations and enabled me to discuss content with other students to gain their insight, and develop my own.” However, the main advantage for Hazel was that the part-time structure of the program enabled her to study without having to give up her job.

“I owe my current and first job post-MBA as an Associate Brand Manager at Baxter Healthcare directly to the network of MBS.” Associate Professor Mark Ritson runs the Brand Management unit at MBS and also consults with a variety of companies in a range of industries globally, “He is a perceptive lecturer and when he identifies potential in a student he really makes an effort to support them into a company.” Mark identified such potential in Hazel, and the rest as they say, is history, “I am very lucky to have leaped both role and industry, additionally without sales experience which is usually the prerequisite – all due to the power of Mark’s recommendation.”

As a result of this recommendation, Hazel is now an Associate Brand Manager working on a marketing project across two businesses at Baxter Healthcare. So if you thought the MBA at Melbourne Business School is only for people with a background in business, think again.