From Dublin and back to study at MBS


Work life balance. It’s something we’re all trying to strike at any given time but what if you were to add study and four kids to the mix, not to mention frequent international travel?


This is the life for Dublin-based Raymond Sexton, a civil engineer by trade who has operated his own consultancy called Tangible for the past 15 years, is a current student on Melbourne Business School’s Senior Executive MBA program (SEMBA) -- and jets halfway across the world to attend the course modules. He travelled the almost 30 hour flight to Melbourne every seven weeks until international modules for the course began.

He said he had two more trips to Melbourne left and travel for his next module would be less arduous because it will be in Germany.

Raymond said he made the “strategic decision” in 2014 to develop business opportunities down under and applied for the SEMBA program at MBS.

To an outsider it seems an extreme situation but the decision to study at MBS was made on a few fronts – Raymond wanted a greater understanding of the business landscape in the Asia Pacific and he wanted to be able to eventually spend more time in Australia with his family.

The SEMBA program at MBS is intentionally designed for the needs of executives like Raymond who find the highly structured, intensive, residential format integral to being able to undertake study whilst maintaining personal and professional commitments. 

Raymond said the MBS SEMBA program was his chance to introduce himself back to Australia and upgrade his competencies in a range of areas including finance, managing human capital and negotiations.
 “My wife Allison is originally from Melbourne and she is keen to spend more time there having come to Dublin for two years, 22 years ago,” he said.

From 1986-1994 Raymond spent several years working in Melbourne and regional Victoria on various engineering projects before moving back to Ireland.

“Though I have been acting as a Business/Management Advisor for many years I have always felt like a 'bone setter' or ' faith healer' as I had no formal qualifications in business, just using lessons I'd learned from the ‘University of Life’,” he said.

Experienced in adapting to changing business and economic environments after initiating a series of leadership seminars to help with economic regeneration in Ireland after the Global Financial Crisis, Raymond said the SEMBA program had been transformative.

“My ability to analyse and think strategically has been greatly enhanced,” Raymond said.

“Of course it would be easier to study in Europe but my focus is on getting a greater understanding of the Asian-Pacific region as I provide high level consultancy services here in Ireland, UK and the USA which I can justifiably deliver because of my proven track record and experience,” he said.

“Offering services in Australia and the wider region gleaned from reading the regional papers isn't a very professional approach, thus I chose to up-skill through studying at the leading business school in Australia.”