Embrace change in the digital age

It’s entirely normal for leaders and mangers to feel uncomfortable in this age of disruption according to Twitter Australia Managing Director Karen Stocks at the Annual Alumni Dinner on 6 October.
Delivering the Charles Goode Oration, Karen said social media, like Twitter, has given leaders and organisations unprecedented access to their customers, employees and followers.

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Karen, who joined Twitter as the social media platform’s first Australian MD in 2013 said social media placed power in the hands of consumers and 21st century leaders needed to understand and navigate that reality.

Mobile Disruption

“Everyone who owns a smart phone has a “super computer” sitting in their pockets,” Karen said.

“Mobile has disrupted everything and the future isn’t just mobile, it’s video on mobile,” she said.

Karen said by 2020 it was predicted there would be 50 billion internet-connected devices and that 90 per cent of all video views on Twitter were via a mobile device.

“Millennials are watching and mobile video is the best way to get their attention.”

Uncomfortable is the new normal

Karen shared that as a leader you should “always be learning”.

She said in her various roles at technology companies, including Twitter and Google, she had to change her leadership mindset.

“I had to embrace ‘I don’t know but let me find out’,” she said. 

That mindset also required leaders to “park their egos at the door”.

Information Revolution 

For Twitter, Karen said it started with just one question in 2007: “what’s going on?” and that genesis has seen a democratisation of information like never before. 

“Information is shared on Twitter 10-15 minutes faster than any other service,” Karen said.

“Twitter has changed the way we communicate.” 

Diversity Matters

“Hire people who fit the culture of your organisation,” Karen said.

She said to attract the best talent for your workplace the organisation had to be flexible and inclusive.

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