Alumni network to host events in 42 different cities for global celebration

Melbourne Business School alumni have joined the School's alumni team to organise a month of celebrations around the world.
Running through September, the Global Alumni Celebration will be one of the world's biggest networking events with over 40 separate meet-ups in 42 different cities on every major continent.

GAC-2018-inset.jpg"A few years ago, four people, who did not know each other, met for a celebration in the Middle East," says Melissa Marcinkowski, Alumni Relations Manager at Melbourne Business School. 

"It was the entire alumni population for that area. They had dinner, became friends and now help each other whenever they can. They now meet every year. It's these types of small traditions coming out of alumni celebrations that we love hearing about the most."

This year's celebrations will feature competitions to reward the outstanding meet-ups, including prizes for best capturing a country's spirit via photo, taking the most-fun photo, hosting an event in the most-interesting location and bringing the most alumni together.

"Many of the celebrations are being hosted by exchange students, who only spent a brief time at Melbourne Business School, but value the network so much they stay involved," says Melissa.

"This celebration will show the breadth of our alumni community and how they can connect. We have new and far flung locations this year too, from Kathmandu to Calgary."

The Melbourne Business School alumni community is a world-spanning network of business graduates who help each other to secure jobs, broker deals, meet new clients and just catch up for a drink or meal – and the Global Alumni Celebration showcases this.

Global alumni celebrations will take place in Bangalore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh, Kathmandu, Manila, Seoul, Tokyo, Auckland, Sydney, Perth, Amsterdam, London, Paris, Tel Aviv, Johannesburg, Calgary, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Santiago and elsewhere.

In Melbourne, the Annual Alumni Dinner will be the heart of celebrations there.

"The Global Alumni Celebration is the perfect chance for alumni, students, faculty and anyone else to get to know each other wherever they are over dinner and drinks," says Melissa.

If you have an enquiry, please contact the Alumni Team.

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What: Global Alumni Celebration
When: September 2018
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