Cordelia Fine (Associate Professor (Organisational Psychology))

Cordelia specialises in the social, ethical and philosophical implications of social psychological and neuroscientific research. Her interdisciplinary research interests include moral psychology, the social psychology and neuroscientific investigation of gender, neuroethics and marketing ethics.​​
Since completing her PhD at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience at University College London, Cordelia has held research appointments at the School of Philosophy & Bioethics at Monash University, at the Centre for Applied Philosophy & Public Ethics at the Australian National University, and at the Centre for Agency, Values & Ethics (CAVE) at Macquarie University. 

Cordelia’s research is currently focused on methodological, conceptual and ethical concerns arising from neurobiological investigations and accounts of sex differences. As a researcher in the Gender Equality Project, she is interested in the influence of people's beliefs about gender on organizational behaviour.

Research Areas
Neuroscience ethics
Moral philosophy
Cordelia Fine Qualifications: PhD (London), MPhil (Cambridge), BA Hons (Oxford) Associate Professor (Organisational Psychology) PhD (London), MPhil (Cambridge), BA Hons (Oxford) Contact: